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    Quorum Corporate Services Limited

    Quorum Corporate Services Limited is a long established firm of Chartered Company Secretaries providing company formation and legal compliance services to organisations and individuals.

Due Diligence

Any company entering into any form of relationship with another company - more commonly as a result of a sale and purchase contract or merger - is well advised to have its house in order prior to the transaction taking place.  In most cases the lawyers acting for the other side will insist on a due diligence exercise being undertaken to assess the “health” of the company.   Otherwise a whole myriad of issues, complexities and technical breaches could be discovered after the event which could jeopardise the sale and would be time consuming and costly to resolve.

As part of a due diligence exercise undertaken by Quorum the statutory compliance status of the company will be assessed.

Quorum’s corporate services team specialise in undertaking these statutory compliance checks and will prepare a comprehensive report of a company’s compliance history and status.

Our rates for due diligence checks are very competitive and more favourable than many solicitors’ rates.  Some solicitors therefore find it beneficial to contract out this work to us rather than tying up valuable fee earners’ time in-house.

Alternatively, to avoid expensive legal fees, we can provide the company with a pre-sale/purchase statutory health check prior to completion of a contract.

If you would like to enquire about our due diligence service click here to send us an email and one of our corporate services specialists will contact you to discuss your requirements and confirm our fees.